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Here at Power Play we always anticipate future growth, which is why no matter what we do we always try to envision what the next big idea will be! We’ve gone from coin operated machines to Bowling Alleys, Laser Mazes, Virtual Reality and More! It’s not just about fun and games, it’s about bringing an unforgettable experience!

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From fully managed arcade operations to themed entertainment and immersive attractions, we’re experts in world-class guest experiences.

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With over 30 years of experience, our focus is to help entertainment venues enhance guest experiences in the amusement and hospitality industry.

The WOW Factor

Bring Out World Class Attractions

Bowling Attraction

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today, is how to get customers to stay longer? You can have great food, and service but, without something to give that “WOW” factor you’ll never retain the customer long enough to show a good ROI on your investment. Having a selection of attractions in your facility is a great way to get customers to spend more and stay longer!

Gamification in Bowling
Indoor Mini Golf
Water Parks & Attractions
Laser Tag

Unique Innovations

Cutting Edge Experiences

Digital Attractions And Gaming

Innovation is key to growth, so make sure to partner with someone who is dedicated to staying ahead of the game! It can be a challenging task staying up to date with all of tomorrow’s technology. Which is why, Power Play is committed to giving fresh, new experiences each year. Whether that’s by interchanging arcade equipment, updating software or by bringing in the latest and greatest technology to a location!

Virtual Reality
Digital Projections
Multi-Sensory Entertainment

Be Bold

Outdoor Attractions

Outdoor Attractions

Be Bold! Never give your consumers a reason to look elsewhere. Looking for that big idea? Say no more. We’re all about big ideas, let us know what you’re thinking and let’s help change the way the game is played…Together!

Bumper Cars
Outdoor Rides
Water Attractions
Themed Entertainment Spaces
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