To Fun & Beyond: Why Businesses Are Thriving With On-Site Entertainment Attractions

To Fun & Beyond: Why Businesses Are Thriving With On-Site Entertainment Attractions

July 3, 2020

When it comes to major resorts, boardwalks, restaurants, and family-friendly getaways, simply providing primary products and services are no longer a driving factor in a customer’s buying decision. The deciding factor for many buyers is the extras that a location offers to every part of the family. In this two part article, we will discuss why businesses are thriving with on-site entertainment attractions and why you should consider it!

Let’s consider a family vacation. Imagine a family of four takes an evening visit to a local boardwalk along the beach. While mom and dad may love the idea of a romantic stroll at sunset, it’s unlikely that the kids are all interested in the beautiful views. Instead, it’s the flashing lights of the arcade down the street and the high-rise zipline on the beach that keeps the children engaged while parents enjoy a peaceful evening.

Back at the hotel, while you may enjoy the lovely amenities such as a king-size bed and excellent room service, what is it that makes the kids glad they came? Is it the added television channels? Perhaps. However, what if mom and dad enjoyed a relaxing evening in the room while the rest of the family spent the evening at an indoor waterpark located in the hotel facility?

While these additions may seem extravagant, having the latest in whole-family entertainment at popular locations such as resorts, hotels, boardwalks, and other family destinations provides a competitive edge in a crowded market. For many tourism businesses to survive in a difficult economic time for the travel and entertainment industry, providing added benefits are absolutely necessary to survive and thrive.

Why On-Site Entertainment Matters To Your Business

Everyone – from families planning summer vacations to corporate executives putting in deposits on company retreats – is looking for an added value buy to make the best purchasing decision. What helps many make an easy decision is the ability to enjoy a variety of entertainment attractions without having to leave the comfort of a single location.

The prospect of having to plan a multi-site trip to enjoy fun amenities such as waterparks, arcades, and bowling alleys can be a headache. Nobody wants to face the idea of navigating travel, booking reservations, and keeping track of individuals’ locations across various places.

The solution? Provide everything a patron might want – and more – by building entertainment amenities on-site.

At the onset of the development of destination locations, builders and developers focused on the concept of constructing in proximity to local attractions such as amusement parks and arcades. As time passed, it quickly became apparent that individuals – and the money they carry – was exiting the building and heading over to other locations to buy and spend.

Smart investors and business owners quickly learned that the best way to recoup those lost profit dollars was to keep individuals on-site rather than let them escape to other locations that featured fun entertainment venues. Their solution? Expand the facility and begin to include popular attractions located conveniently inside the business! To build both the allure of the leisure and entertainment industry and draw in new customers, companies have begun to turn to internal entertainment development to increase profit and overall customer satisfaction.

Growing From An Age-Old Idea

The idea of getting creative with entertainment and business is nothing new. In fact, the design has been utilized many times throughout business history with a significant impact.

The modern-day idea of a waterpark was born from the experimental addition of a waterslide structure to the familiar wave pool attraction. The result? The expansion and development of the ever-popular waterpark. Instead of only offering a single product or service to customers, wise business owners discovered what clients desired to see in the places they spent their leisure time – and profited off of an idea that individuals loved!

Shrewd businesses quickly saw the appeal of the waterpark and decided to try their hand at bringing the entire attraction into already-used venues such as conference centers and hotels. Thus, the massive waterpark resorts that countless families visit every year was born! No longer did a family have to leave the hotel to enjoy the activities of a waterpark. Simply head out of your room dressed for a day of fun in the water, and take a water slide down to a relaxing pool! With the addition of entertainment venues to businesses and other locations, a new and more extended season was created for locals. What was once a short, 3-6 month peak business season, now became a year-round destination. Already, the benefits of bringing popular entertainment attractions on-site are beginning to emerge.

Innovation Follows Opportunity

In our next article, we will take a look at all the innovative opportunities that businesses can take to improve their on-site experience for customers.

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