Increase Business with an In-Hotel Arcade

Increase Business with an In-Hotel Arcade

July 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you could benefit from an in-hotel arcade? Resorts and hotels around the world are adding family fun game rooms to their list of exclusive amenities for guests and residents. Not only do arcades offer an additional layer of fun to any vacation, but hotel and resort operators can take advantage of incredible business benefits.

Some operators may think that it’s too expensive or complicated to add an arcade to their hotel or resort. However, that is not the case when you partner with an established arcade operator! 

An arcade operator will meet with hotel operators to gain an understanding of the hotel’s demographic. From there, the arcade operator will be able to make their best recommendations for which type of entertainment room would be best suited for the business! Some common options include escape rooms, bowling alleys, laser mazes, mini-golf, and arcades packed with video games!

If you’re still on the fence about getting an in-hotel arcade or another kind of entertainment room, consider the following benefits.

Benefits of Partnering with an Arcade Operator for Hotel or Resort

Here are the benefits of partnering with an arcade operator for your hotel or resort.

Save on Initial Investment

Arcade operators are willing to front the initial cost for equipment and installation and set up a payment plan for hotel operators. This allows hotels and resorts to focus their funds on improving the guest experience in other ways. 

The average piece of arcade equipment is around $12,000. A fully-stocked arcade with 50 pieces can cost well over half a million dollars! These prices do not include adding a theme to the room or larger attractions, like bowling alleys, which can cost between $300,000-$1M

Excellent Customer Service and Support

Partnering with an arcade operator means that an experienced company with trained staff will always be a phone call away. This alleviates much of the stress that comes with buying and operating entertainment equipment on your own. 

Without a professional arcade partner, hotel operators will have to locate and hire a repair person themselves. Utilizing the support staff provided by your arcade partner will minimize downtime and make sure your guests always have the best time.

Increased Accessibility to Equipment

Established arcade operators have a strong network of suppliers that can circumnavigate issues with the supply chain, understaffing, and logistics. Your arcade operator will know exactly who to call when you’re interested in a particular game or event, and they will be able to make installation or repairs happen within your desired timeline. 

Partnering with an arcade operator will bring more foot traffic into your business, increase revenue, and help position your hotel or resort as the best in the area. When you’re ready to install an arcade or entertainment room, call Power Play Entertainment Group

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