Top 5 Arcade Games to Have at Your Next Event

Top 5 Arcade Games to Have at Your Next Event

January 31, 2020

When planning an event, you must consider how you will be able to entertain your guests, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves. It’s common for organizers to incorporate popular arcade games to do this. These will have a universal appeal and can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Let’s look at the top 5 arcade games which you can use to add some fun and excitement to your next event. 

Pac Man - one of the top 5 arcade games

#1 Pac Man

One of the top 5 arcade games, and one of the most iconic video games of all time, Pac Man has become a cultural icon. The characters from this game have been mentioned in multiple films and television shows. Pac Man has one of the highest brand awareness of any video game characters in North America. Because of this substantial nostalgia value, you will attract a long line of players. In this game, you play as Pac Man, who is trapped in a maze, trying to eat all the dots. However, he’s also being chased by ghosts. As you play, you will be able to eat power pellets, allowing Pac Man to eat the ghosts for extra points. Because it’s such a simple concept, everyone will enjoy playing this game. Also, this will often be a compact game, meaning that it won’t take up much space.

Space Invaders  - one of the top 5 arcade games

#2 Space Invaders

Another popular arcade game is space invaders, known for its ability to combine strategy with exciting gameplay. Because of this, it’s become the highest-grossing video game of all time, earning around $13 billion. It was also pivotal to the creation of modern action games. In this classic, you will be given a laser cannon. Then, you will face an oncoming line of aliens, which will shoot at your crumbling defenses. If you can defeat the line of aliens before they reach the bottom of the screen, you will move on to the next level. As the game goes on, the aliens start to move faster and fire more rapidly, making it more challenging for players, which is sure to delight people of all ages as they thrill at the ability to fight against an oncoming alien invasion. Like Pac Man, this is a very compact game. 

virtual reality

#3 Use Virtual Reality

One of the biggest trends in the gaming world is virtual reality and how it can be used, and this will allow you to create more engagement in the game. By doing this, you can ensure that your guests will enjoy themselves. Also, you will provide them with a unique experience, ensuring that they will remember your event. There are multiple different types of virtual reality experiences from which to choose. For example, you may want to get an activity like an ax-throwing or a virtual reality slide. Because of the multiple different options available, it will be easier for you to customize this to suit your event. While many people aren’t sure about handling this type of technology, you shouldn’t be nervous. When you use a reputable company, they will be able to help you get everything set-up correctly, and might even run the virtual reality games for you, allowing you to focus on creating an enjoyable event. 

Asteroids - one of the top 5 arcade games

#4 Asteroids

Another classic game is Asteroids. Over the years, it has inspired multiple modern video games and remains a revolutionary game. It also holds the achievement of being one of the most popular arcade games of all time. Because of this, you will ensure that you can attract a broad audience. In this game, you will play as a spaceship in the middle of an asteroid. As the space rocks fly around the screen, you will need to move your ship and carefully aim, allowing you to break up the stones. As the game continues, you will also face saucers, which will shoot back at your ship. Because of this gameplay, it remains highly exciting.

For this reason, people will be lining up to try to face the game. Also, like most classic arcade games, there is an added incentive through the high score function, which will have everyone clamoring to see who can achieve the highest score by the end of the event. This competition will help you ensure that there’s always someone playing Asteroids. 

Branded Games

#5 Branded Games

You may also want to consider using branded games. These are games that feature characters from an established franchise. For example, you may find a shooting game set in the world of the Halo franchise. Alternatively, you may find a pinball game based on a popular television franchise, like Stranger Things. There are hundreds of different potential options that you may want to explore, meaning that you will find something which will suit your arcade or event. You may also find something that incorporates the latest technology, like virtual reality. One of the most significant benefits of these types of games is that they will attract a large fanbase, which will help ensure that they are always a hit. 

Arcade games remain one of the best ways to get people to enjoy themselves. As we saw, there are a wide variety of arcade games available on the market, which will allow you to combine some older games with modern technologies to entertain a broad audience. Using these games will ensure that your event will create a strong impression in people’s minds. Our reputable company will also help you set-up these games, making sure that everything has been done correctly. So, get in touch with us today to learn more about the kinds of arcade games you can use at your next event. 

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