6 Great Reasons to Add an Arcade to Your Entertainment Venue

6 Great Reasons to Add an Arcade to Your Entertainment Venue

November 16, 2023

When you add an arcade to your entertainment venue, you’re making a decision to boost guest experience and increase revenue. Arcades have made a remarkable comeback, transitioning from nostalgic hangouts to modern entertainment hotspots. Major industry players are featuring arcades as core entertainment options at their venues, such as Universal Studios Orlando with their Game-O-Rama arcade at the Cabana Bay hotel, or Disney World’s 20+ arcades across their resort properties.

With their unique blend of interactive gaming and social atmosphere, they offer something special that can’t be replicated by home gaming systems. This article explores six powerful reasons why you should add an arcade to your entertainment venue.

Why You Should Add an Arcade to Your Entertainment Venue

If you operate a hotel or resort, restaurant, family entertainment center (FEC), or amusement park, then you should consider these 6 reasons to add an arcade to your venue.

#1 More People Are Interested in Gaming Than Ever Before

Add an arcade to your venue to elevate customer experience

The world of gaming has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, drawing in enthusiasts from all walks of life. Today, more people are immersing themselves in the realm of video games, captivated by their rich storytelling, advanced graphics, and interactive gameplay. These games offer a diverse range of experiences, from immersive role-playing adventures to fast-paced action titles, catering to a wide array of preferences and age groups.

At the same time, there’s a growing nostalgia and appreciation for classic arcade experiences, where the charm of pixelated graphics and the joy of physical controls resonate with both older generations who relish the memories of their youth and younger players discovering these timeless classics. Modern arcade games achieve a blend of the new and the nostalgic, which has created a unique cultural phenomenon where the digital and the physical gaming worlds coalesce. This has engaged a broader audience than ever before and cementing gaming’s place as a dominant form of entertainment in the modern era.

With more people than ever before interested in gaming — an astonishing 67% according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), arcades within entertainment venues are seeing a surge in popularity.

#2 Retro Arcade Experiences are Surging in Popularity

The current wave of nostalgia isn’t limited to just fashion, music, and vinyl records. Retro gaming, too, has seen a significant resurgence in popularity over the years. The concept of video game nostalgia is not only a cultural trend but also a phenomenon acknowledged in psychology.

Gaming arcades in hotels and resorts, restaurants, family entertainment centers, and amusement parks are reaping the rewards of this retro revival. These venues combine the allure of classic video games with a social atmosphere, enhanced by the addition of arcade food and drink options. This fusion has elevated the popularity of parties and events at arcades. Additional, there’s a growing movement where enthusiasts gather to relive their cherished gaming memories while enjoying a lively social environment. With this much attention, deciding to add an arcade to your entertainment venue is a worthwhile consideration.

When you add an arcade to your venue, you’re also able to increase exposure by taking advantage of online maps listings for arcades. Having your arcade show up in Google Maps, for instance, is a sure-fire way to increase foot traffic.

#3 The Emerging Popularity of Barcades

Arcades that are combined with food and drink, referred to as barcades, offer a unique and versatile twist to traditional arcades. Beyond serving as hubs of endless gaming entertainment, they present various partying options; elevating the standard social experience. With unique theming, an arcade or barcade’s appeal can range from fun and kid-friendly to adult-oriented and elevated.

Among these varied uses, barcades have become increasingly popular for their multifaceted appeal. When you add an arcade to your venue, and then combine it with beverage options, you’re providing a more compelling reason for guests to visit.

#4 Arcades Bring Increased Foot Traffic

When you add an arcade, your establishment becomes a magnet for a wide array of customers. It attracts families seeking fun outings, young adults looking for a retro gaming experience, and hardcore gamers searching for the latest in interactive entertainment. By introducing an arcade, your venue becomes more than just a place to visit; it becomes a destination. This unique feature sets your business apart from competitors, making it a must-visit location in your area.

For restaurants, an arcade provides a reason for guests to choose your establishment and to stay longer once there. For other venues, the increase in foot traffic in combination with food and drink options provides a one-stop-shop for an entire evening of food, fun, and bonding.

#5 Arcades Bring Higher Satisfaction Rates

Arcades are synonymous with fun and excitement. They offer a diverse range of gaming experiences, from classic pinball machines to cutting-edge VR games. This variety ensures that every visitor finds something to enjoy, regardless of age or gaming preference. The interactive nature of arcade games also means that customers are more engaged and likely to stay longer, enjoying everything your venue has to offer.

Establishments that offer an increased selection of activities, especially with food and beverage options, see higher guest satisfaction levels and an increase in positive online reviews. This reason alone is reason enough to add an arcade to your entertainment venue.

#6 Arcades Encourage Longer Visits

An arcade can significantly extend the duration of each customer visit. Engrossed in games, customers are likely to spend more time at your venue. This extended stay not only translates to more arcade revenue but also increases the likelihood of additional spending on ancillary services like dining, shopping, or other entertainment options you offer.

When guests stay longer, the chance of boredom setting in is far less, and the chance of returning guest is far higher.

Arcades can be Easy to Manage and Operate

With the right partner, managing your arcade can be easy and profitable. Power Play Entertainment Group can help you with every aspect when you decide to add an arcade. Not only can we design and piece together your arcade, but we also provide expertly managed arcade operations that enhance the overall guest experience. Our management ensures a seamless integration of classic gaming with modern entertainment options that encourage guest socializing, more time on property, and increased revenue. What’s more, we offer a unique profit sharing model that’s sure to see your revenue increase.

With an arcade added to your venue’s portfolio of experiences, guests will be further drawn to spent their time — and their money — at your venue.

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