X-Treme Big One

X-Treme Big One

If you have a lot of space (particularly height) and you are looking for “extreme” earnings, then the X-Treme Big One crane by Elaut USA is the right piece for you.

Going beyond just building another giant crane machine, this 13′ tall crane makes sensible use of multi-color LED lighting in the marquee and offers UV lighting inside the cabinet so that the products are brighter and more attractive to the player!

Elaut USA has also created a unique and patent pending “Claw Vision” camera system that puts a camera on the claw assembly. The image is cast to the large TV screen inside of the game, allowing the user to see exactly where the claw is going to hit! This generates more player excitement which translates into more sales and a superior ROI compared to other giant crane machines.








2017.22 Lbs

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